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Joel Brenden [United States, b. 1980] is a photographer, conceptualist and book artist working in Buffalo, NY. His photographic series are situated within the context of recent documentary and lyric imagery concerned with environment, ecology, and home. They are also a response to conceptual interests involving material, presence, and social interaction.


These concerns are likewise explored in his drawings, which interrogate the roles of photographic imagery in digital and social media. These works, such as "Dreamhouse" and "Work Drawings," reproduce existing, "anonymous" photos that illuminate the feedback loops of ideology, technology, culture, and memory.


As of 2013, Brenden is the publisher and operator of LINOLEUM, an independent not-for-profit curatorial endeavor. LINOLEUM publishes and promotes a wide range of material, including amateur, vernacular, and documentary photography, poetics, drawing, and emerging hybrid practices. This focused eclecticism is also reflected by the aesthetics of the production, which draw equally from commercial art books, zine- and Xerox-culture, digital platforms, and fine book arts.




Brenden holds an M.F.A. in Visual Studies from University at Buffalo, SUNY, where he was a Dean’s Scholar and Teaching Assistant, and a B.F.A. in Drawing from Central Washington University. His recent major exhibitions include Beyond|In Western New York: Alternating Currents (2010) and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (2011), and he is included in several private collections. In addition to his work an exhibiting artist, he works as a book designer, and as an instructor in photography at ECC-SUNY.