2 sheets / b&w xerox / 10.5x16.25”; quarter-folded
Unrestricted print run, unsigned, unnumbered.


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As an adjunct instructor teaching film-based photography, I often turn to sources outside of the photography field to help generate new and meaningful ways of teaching basic visual concepts to students. In turn, students have created images that suggest new approaches and sometimes inspire entirely new assignments.


This booklet is a partial, non-linear presentation of these materials, and represents part of an ongoing negotiation between art, pedegogy, and the education industry. It includes photo images by me and by past students. It also integrates short excerpts from poets and authors such as Lisa Robertson (Office of Soft Architecture), Charles Olson, and Allan Kaprow, fragments from assignment sheets, and screen grabs from commercial and social media.


The center spread (the “Wu-tang is for the children” photo) is kind of like a poster.