//// E N T H U S I A S T ////



ENTHUSIAST was a long-term organizational endeavor incorporating aspects of performance, book-arts, marketing and graphic design.


The following statements are true:


> Printed ephemera was produced, typically in an edition of 300. The flagship was a periodical titled Enthusiast, a series of editions released as a periodic volume, though not necessarily in the form of bound, book-like objects.


>> ENTHUSIAST was an organizational project, high in administrative content. A demeanor appropriate for the modern entrepreneur was maintained.


>>> The visual and discursive subjects of ENTHUSIAST varied from edition to edtion, but there was a persistent presence of historical and nostalgic visual design, and a prevailing engagement with region and place.



The goal of ENTHUSIAST was to engage in an ongoing discussion about commodity and nostalgia by actively participating in the cultural and physical production of the same. Within this context I investigated the process by which the intimate and autobiographical narratives are translated and reconfigured for public consumption, and vice-versa.


ENTHUSIAST embraced the methods and ethos of DIY and zine culture. However, the project is better understood as a critique of the under-interogated utopianism sometimes associated with these.



Enthusiast IntrO-Wheel


Enthusiast 3


Enthusiast 2