LINOLEUM is a publishing imprint.


LINOLEUM publishes artists' books, zines, editions, and other printed matter, with a special emphasis on contemporary photography, drawing, media practices, poetics, and creative-critical writing, including essays, interviews and poetry.

LINOLEUM publishes a diverse range of content, and the editorial approach is one of juxtaposition, bringing together disparate approaches to artistic and creative activity and putting them in lively dialogue with one another.


The aesthetics and methods of production will continue to be eclectic, bringing together aspects of artist books, DIY zines, chapbooks, blogs, exhibition catalogs, and monographs. This hybrid approach keeps LINOLEUM nimble and fresh, and responsive to the artists and the audience.


LINOLEUM is committed to accessibility. This means three things: keeping prices down, lively online presence, and free PDFs of much of what we publish for online viewing and download.


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Is LINOLEUM a business?


Only in the sense that we are an entity that makes and sells things. LINOLEUM actually falls somewhere between a non-profit organization and an artistic endeavor. All revenue is used to fund future publications and operations, and eventually to compensate featured artists. 


Your description lists a variety of arts. Why are these initial offerings all photography-related?


You have to start somewhere. But seriously, it just works out that the publications I've been developing in the months leading up to this are all photography-based.


How are these things made?


Currently, LINOLEUM publcations are printed on high quality digital laser printers. The reproduction quality is comparable to a commercial press, but avoids the prohibitive set-up cost of offset printing. Covers and other elements may be laser printed, or hand-printed using silkscreen, letterpress, or other methods. Everything for now will be hand-bound using either saddle-stiching or perfect binding.


The aesthetics and methods are driven by the purpose of sustaining a lively, dynamic print-based network for sharing ideas and showcasing diverse artistic practices. LINOLEUM editions are nice, but they are not coffee table books, and will probably not stand out on your bookshelf. However, the therapeutic and health benefits of neat books are well documented.


How do I find the things LINOLEUM makes?


Good question. They are for sale online. I'm also continuing to cultivate relationships with certain brick-and-mortar shops whose clientele would be especially interested in these things. More information coming soon.


Why bother with printed matter? Why not just create a blog and save us all some money?


The short answer is I enjoy print and others do too. Much of the artists' work I'm promoting benefits from being experienced in tangible form. That said, much of what LINOLEUM publishes is or will be available for free online.


You're an artist. Is LINOLEUM going to publish your work?


No. With LINOLEUM I'm working in my capacity as curator, publisher, designer, and book artist. My interests and practice as a visual artist certainly inform my curation, but this is not a vanity-press for me or anyone else.


The exception is the zines I make and co-publish with Emily Churco. Those have my photography in them. I will also contribute some writing, typically in support of others' work.


Is this a Buffalo thing?


The sustained and ever-evolving energy of Buffalo's artistic community, and it's historical position as a leader in small press and avant-garde poetry and scholarship, are what has inspired me to create LINOLEUM. However, the artists and writers I choose to work with are based all over the world. My working goal is to build and promote channels between my home community and other cities and regions (both geographic and virtual). 


So short answer: Yes, but not exactly. 


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