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New York City Maps


2005 - 2011 (plus ongoing)

9 maps; pen and pencil on paper, scanner and Photoshop


You may also download a printable PDF of this work here.




Living on the Pacific Coast, and then relocating to Buffalo, traveling to New York City has remained a special and fairly rare occasion in my life so far. As I did not adopt smartphone technology until mid-2011, my trips to New York always involved drawing various small maps to help me navigate to particular locations.


In 2012, realizing I was now depending almost exclusively on mobile computing to help me navigate (no matter where I am), I began the process of culling together all of my scratch-maps I could find of NYC.


These fragments of spatial data are often charged with specific emotional and intellectual connections; they are slight yet frightful tools. But to be clear, this is not an instance of nostalgia or Luddism. As I continue to collect and assemble these, I stand both in the present and in a dislocated temporal vantage-point, on the threshhold of mobile computing, proposing the question to inventors, designers and users: How might we ensure that our emotional and ethical existences remain the spirit behind our consumption and generation of spatial experience?




This process of collecting and compositing is ongoing. I'm not a hoarder, but I'm quite sure there are napkins, receipts and disused journals within my belongings that hold yet more pieces of this particular map.